Saturday, January 26, 2013

Six Months and Some Turkey

I wish I could remember the milestone's at six months. I'm so behind on blogging that five six and seven months have all blurred together. Anyway, at some point Margo started rolling over, back and forth (or was that earlier?), she started smiling way more and giggling every now and then. Also she is so cute, you don't even know.

Since Margo is growing at an alarming rate and also because she has loving grandparents that dote upon her, we have YET to repeat a church dress. Isn't that crazy!

I really love that Margo is a beefy baby. I have done my best to fatten her up and I think I have been pretty successful. 


She does that nose-scrunch thing all. the. time. Hilarious. Like a shark.

I think I have mentioned that she loves to be outside. If she is fussy, she will immediately calm down the second I step out the door. So we are outside as much as possible. Good thing we live in Arizona, right?

JR finally started his Thanksgiving break and was able to come meet us. Two weeks off from school! Whaaaat!

I love those baby blues. JR and I are constantly fighting over who's eyes she has. They are obviously mine. 

We did a little Redding site-seeing

That's Janie the Bunny. Isabelle and Aunt Micci made her for Margo.

She loves her.

We had a very rainy day and all Margo wanted to do was go outside. Poor kid.

Church. My hair looks so gingery in this picture

And then it was Thanksgiving! We ate so much crazy good food I thought I was going to explode

Margo was so happy to be surrounded by family

Look at those leg warmers. I mean, really. Thanks Aunt Micci

I made pie. I love pie.

Then JR and I made the trek back to good ol' Glendale, AZ. The flight home was the first time I didn't fly alone with Margo (and I had flown quite a few times) and let me tell you HOW MUCH EASIER IT WAS. It was so wonderful. I didn't have to nurse in the bathroom or next to a giant bearded man or hold my arms in awkward back-breaking positions while Margo slept on me. I swear this is one of the reasons we have husbands. For flying with babies.

Anyway, we returned to really lovely weather. The end of November til the end of January is why people live in Phoenix. It is perfect temp. All you need is a light sweater. Name that movie.

On our daily morning walk to the duck ponds around the corner. Listening to Harry Potter 

She is completely asleep here. She loves when the hat comes down over her eyes. Must be cozy?

Now that Margo is really coming into her own little personality it is clear that she is a BUSY BUSY BODY. She is constantly wanting to be stimulated and entertained and she gets immediately angry when someone is not doing a tap dance for her. Which is why I think she hates the car, cause it is boring in the back seat even though I sing to her and clap and try to make it a regular party. 
So I give her all the toys.

Also I do not know how children know about technology but she can spot it a million miles away, even if it is something she's never seen before. What is that about? I am weirdly paranoid about it too, like I want to shield her from all of it but it is inevitable. She will know how to work an Iphone and turn on the TV and flip through Youtube before I know it. Makes me anxious. 
At least she is super cute while she dive bombs for the remote.


  1. Two things:
    1. Miss Congeniality
    2.That pic of Margo and the leg warmers and the Senior Portrait head tilt is TOO MUCH. So cute.

  2. Oh my gosh Margo is the cutest! And the nose-scrunch is SO shark-like. Also, I too listen to Harry Potter whenever I exercise. Otherwise I get way too bored and miss Jim Dale. I guess that's what makes us Gred and Feorge.