Monday, January 23, 2012

We're Having a Lady Baby!

Welp, we had our big half-way-through ultrasound and guess what? We are having a girl! I was SURE we were having a boy, because I hate all boy names and have a long list of girl names and that is the golden rule. I am so glad I was wrong because I can't wait to have a little girl buddy to play with and bond over purple and Disney and Harry Potter.

Anyway, here is the proof:

JR thought it would be highly inappropriate to put this baby picture up on the blog, but I still think the ultrasound pictures look like blobbies, so. Too bad.

And now I am nineteen weeks into this pregnancy business and it's going pretty well.

Stuff to remember:

  • Sleep has become the least fun. So uncomfortable in all my bones. 
  • Still a glass of apple juice everyday. Mmmmm applejuice
  • I have purchased maternity pants but I have not worn them because they make me feel soggy-floppy. Not sure how else to describe that
  • My sister told me I would get "nesty" and I'm starting to feel it. So far we have a high chair, stroller, car seat and some baby clothes but I am on constant Craigslist search for a crib, changing table, and nursery equipment
  • Can't eat chicken. Nope.

Aaaand just for your viewing pleasure- JR got a little jealous when he was taking pictures of just me with the ultrasound so we switched places. I thought he was gonna pick up the picture and get cute, but instead he did this:

I can't wait to meet this little baby in five short months, I like to imagine that she will look a lot like JR when he was a baby, with white-blonde curly hair. Knowing JR, she will have him so wrapped around her teeny tiny little pinky finger and it will be so fun to watch him be so protective and sweet. Just please don't feed her Diet Coke, Jirski. Caffeine = not for babies.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh, You Little Beauty.

Sometimes Husband surprises me with one of these when he gets home from work:

Diet cherry limeade. He also always double checks that they use the diet cherry syrup. Best ever.

17 Weeks and also Pregnancy, Thus Far

I almost titled this blog "Why Your Husband will Never be a Successful Photographer". I will explain.

My sister Micci has always complained about her husband Jazz's picture-taking skills and I never really understood until I got married and then pregnant and suddenly needed my immediate counterpart to document my belly growth. NOW I KNOW.

Here I am at 17 Weeks

After JR took this picture he said he didn't like it because "You're not doing a very good job of making yourself look pregnant!". I'm not even sure what that means, but just for kicks we moved my hand position very slightly and took another picture.

I know it looks like the same picture but it's not. Look at the hands. An then JR said "I think it's missing something. Pick up the dog"

I saw this picture and laughed so hard and then I told JR that he was not allowed to direct my pictures anymore.

I asked Micci how she gets Jazz to take good pictures of her now and she told me that she props the camera up on Harry Potter books and uses the timer. Next time.

Anyway, I thought it was high time to document what being pregnant has been like so far. It's been pretty good! The first trimester wasn't my favorite. Here are things that I want to remember- well maybe not want, but am forcing myself to remember:

  • I was really, really nauseous starting at 5 weeks and ending at 14 weeks
  • Anything even remotely sweet was incredibly repulsive to me
  • Very few foods ever sounded good to me, but some that did were mushroom rice, asparagus, macaroni and cheese and the occasional nachos
  • I lived off of popsicles, which JR would run out and get for me at any time of day. Thanks Jirski, you are my popsicle hero
  • I could not sleep enough. I would sleep an eight hour night and STILL take a nap immediately after work
And now that we are up to 17 weeks, here's my new list:
  • Sweet things are tasting okay, but I rarely crave them
  • I want warm delicious homey foods! Moooooom come make all your good food for meeeee
  • I have not yet bought maternity pants
  • I am still sleepy all the time
  • My favorite and most happy pastime is taking bubble baths. Not entirely sure if that's pregnancy-related 
  • I have mad heartburn alllllll day long. I did not know what this sensation was when it first started. I would always say to JR "I feel like my esophagus is... like... firey?". Finally my sister said "dude. You have heartburn." Ohhhhhhh. Silly me.
  • And I can't go a single day without a big glass of ice cold apple juice
So all in all, pregnancy has been pretty good so far! Of course I hear it gets a little harder, what with the baby getting really huge and kicking you and getting hiccups in the middle of the night and then there's the whole delivery part... I will let you know.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Epic Return

So many things. So. Many. Things. It's been a busy few months!

Here's what happened:

1. We went to Disneyland for Halloween! Yep, I'm blogging about Halloween in January. Permission to judge.

You can find this same gangsta picture of my mom and I on almost every trip we've ever been on.

My favorite part of this picture is the guy in the Chevron shirt in perfect Bigfoot pose.

Love this kid.

My favorite food in the world, tied only with Disneyland corndogs

I can't remember why this was going down

Rachel, Sean and Jakob looking like a Hallmark card

This little sleepy face kills me

Tickle attack from Uncle Jirski!

In line for our favorite Toy Story ride. We are all a little competitive, even the newlyweds. P.s. How much longer do we get to call ourselves newlyweds?

2. We moved! We found a little apartment in Scottsdale and moved all our stuff in early November, probably with a huge sigh of relief from JR's parents. During the time that they so graciously let us live in the guest house we broke the air conditioner twice, broke the dishwasher, moved all their stuff around, and made a cozy home for some giant rats (I killed one! All by myself! With my own trap and cheese bait!). Anyway, we decided to move out to give the poor house and our parents/in-laws a break from our constant abuse.

I have no pictures of the experience, except for this one of the high-tech trap covering that our rat-trapper guy made. Brought me joy everyday
He wrote "please" first, but then went back and corrected it with "pleace". I also love that the e's look like tiny breast cancer ribbons.

 Now for the reason I haven't blogged since October. During the move, we packed up my old trusty computer and made way for JR's recently custom-built (by him) fancy internally-lit computer. Which did not have a built-in card reader for my camera card, and everyone knows that you can't blog without pictures. Anyway, it took us a while to figure that out and then the holidays came and yadda yadda. Long story short, we got the card reader last week. More blogging!

3. We found out that I am pregnant! Well, we found out in like October to be a little more accurate. Anyway, I'm due June 17th, which means I am four months along right now. We find out if it is a boy or a girl two weeks from today, so tune in. 

Here I am at 13 weeks

And here is a picture of the baby cupcakes we took to Disneyland at Halloween to tell my family
Get it? "Baby" cupcakes?" Oh, too cute if I do say so myself. We brought home a tiny Mickey Mouse onesie to JR's family to give them the good news. 

I will go into further detail of my pregnancy so far in my next blog post, I promise.

4. I had a kidney stone! I woke up one Monday morning with crazy pain in my lower right side and I was like "JR, I am dying I KNOW it", so he got an appointment with my doctor's nurse and we ran over there. She said it could be appendicitis and scheduled an ultrasound for me that afternoon, to make sure the little fetus was all safe inside there. We returned home and JR left for work since it was noon and there was nothing more he could do for me. I started getting ready to make the forty minute trek to the ultrasound place and then all of a sudden I was on the floor in my hallway and that's when I thought to myself "I don't think I can drive all that way or also even get to my front door", so I called my doctor again and they basically said uh please hang up immediately and go to the emergency room. So I did. I don't know how I got there, I have no idea how I even got to my car let alone found my way to the hospital. But I did it, and I called JR who left work immediately to meet me. 
Anyway, two hits of morphine, an hour-long ultrasound with the creepiest nurse I've ever met, an MRI and then a hit of something stronger than morphine that I can't pronounce and I was fine! There was no definitive evidence that I had a kidney stone, but JR's mom has had several and knew exactly what was going on from the very beginning. She should have been my doctor because they didn't even think of it. When one of us mentioned it they were like "oh yeah, that would make sense". Go back to school! Just kidding, they were really nice. 
People say that passing a kidney stone is way more painful than giving birth. I will let you know in about six months. 

5. Christmas came! And it was FANTASTIC. 

First, we had Fake Christmas at JR's parents house. It was the best Fake Christmas I have ever had. We started the night off with the best Mexican food in the world at Manuel's. Then we went on to open one bajillion presents, the floor looked like Times Square after New Year's Eve. Among some really fabulous gifts, JR's parents got us a red Peg Perego stroller. It is the fanciest! It comes with a carseat, a basonnet, and some other extra goodies. I have since learned that it is one of the safest brands on the market and also my sister Micci covets their strollers. And if it's on Micci's Want List, then you KNOW it's good. Best Fake Christmas ever! They spoiled us like crazy.

Two days later, we traveled on over to Redding where we spent four days in perfect Christmas bliss. I love it when JR doesn't have to work and he can just hang out with me all day. Best ever. We spent the vacation playing Scum, Hand and Foot, watching all the cousins running around on the new trampoline, watching Disney movies, and eating tons of good food. 

This is the only Christmas picture I have. We went to see a really cute production of a Christmas Carol right before Christmas

I was going to go into more detail about Christmas and then talk about New Year's Eve, but I am tired of blogging which means you are definitely tired of reading. So, that's it, now you are pretty much up to date!

Also, as I was writing this post some random words hyperlinked themselves. I have no idea how to fix it, if anyone has any ideas then tell meeee.