Saturday, August 18, 2012

Obligatory Margo Blog for Micci

    I am terrible at blogging and I'm not going to fight it anymore. Maybe every once in a while Micci will force me to put up pictures like she did today, but that's it from now on, okay?

So I was pregnant- here I am at 24 weeks, getting big (Theodore's leg near my rear end)...

31 weeks...

JR painting my toes because I could no longer reach them... (He volunteered, I promise!)
Oh, and there's my fat, preeclampsic foot.

33 weeks, getting bigger...

34 weeks...

39 weeks, and minutes before driving to the hospital. Look how huge!

All checked in and ready to go

Margo's big debut!

First bath

And fast asleep

First bath at home and not very happy about it

But then cozy warm right afterward

One week old

Two weeks old

This is how she sleeps every night. JR calls it Touchdown Position

Cute dad

Best friends with Theo!

Such a lady at three weeks old

Aunt Micci and Cousin Linc came to visit!

Asleep with Mom at one month

First road trip! All the way to the grand canyon...

Which she slept through.

Sleeps with her eyes slightly open, like ME!

Six weeks

Look at those biceps... Margo's, not mine. Seriously, look at them.

Jirski, with beautiful niece Charlotte (seven weeks older). And Margo about to eat her.


The only way she would fall asleep this day, in the bjorn

Fancy tutu

And then we took her FIRST TRIP TO DISNEYLAND (look, it's in her blood okay?)

Where she met Aunt JaNae...

and cousin Madilyn (could you die)...

and Uncle Sean (in the new Cars Land!)...

and Aunt Fabs...

and Aunt Rachel, Uncle Scott, and Uncle Jared- not pictured, though just as loved.

She gave Grandma some good hugs

and ate Grandpa up all day everyday

She loved It's a Small World- I think it was like a tiny mind explosion for her

We caught her first on-camera smile (Only for grandpa! He can get the biggest smiles out of her)

Grandma learned that she loves soft blankets by her face while we were in Disneyland, so here is how Margo takes her naps these days (two months old)

My very favorite face she makes

Watching Shark Week. I turned it to What Not to Wear right after this picture and she became completely disinterested, I kid you not. She IS my child

Ten weeks old and still her protector...

Good dog, Carl.

Ready to roll

At orientation for JR's school, because he is now a med student!
So proud of that kid!!

   Welp you guys, we did it! There's all my picture vomit and now Micci can't complain anymore.

   See you when Margo is twelve.