Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five Months and a Happy Halloween

Well I went back to Redding. For a month! JR flew out for the last two weeks (Thanksgiving break). It was wonderful and magical to be in Redding and to have extra arms all around. Did you know that medical school is really hard? And extremely time consuming and that there are many days where JR leaves at 7 in the morning and doesn't come home until midnight? And I feel like a single mom most of time except for Monday nights and church and that is it? And seriously, with all the tests and studying and classes all day long and more tests? Anyway.

At five months, Margo got really really good at eating solids. 

Cousins. Margo loves Isabelle

Margo and I got to spend Halloween with my family, which was so much fun. Every year my mom wears some super spectacular costume and she makes a whole vat of sloppy joes and pumpkin bread and she tells everyone to come on over and it is the best ever.

Margo was a pumpkin by day and a shark by night.

This shark costume is HILARIOUS. All the credit goes to Grandma Sharon

Isn't this such a great Effie Trinket? My mom made the whole costume herself. Obviously.

The Redding grandkids. Miss Tuffet, Minnie Mouse, Rapunzel (Wedding version), Sharkie, Minnie Mouse

Margo and Linc started holding hands while we were taking pictures so it was like QUICK, photo op!

They are only six months apart and I am extremely confident that they will be best friends for life!

Kira had a monster-themed Birthday party the week after Halloween and we were so happy that we got to attend. Kira is like a tiny Tazmanian devil herself, you have no idea how incredibly fitting this theme was.

Aunt Mimi

Sabi and I got Kira three little crocheted monsters. Hilarious.

Monster ice cream cupcakes

Margo passed out during the festivities

And Kira and Lincoln rode Micci like a horsie.

Church the next day

I LOVE these tiny toes. Want to nibble.

Margo graduated from the Bumbo to the big kid high chair, which was all very exciting. Look at those rolls!

Grandma and I took her on tons of walks. She loves to be outside, she loves the sunshine and the blue sky and the trees, so I try to take her out as often as I can.

This kid gets cuter every. single. day.

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